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Welcome to Alberta Health Services (AHS) restaurant inspection website, which provides recent inspection reports of permitted restaurants in Alberta.

Public health inspectors regularly inspect food establishments to ensure that:

  • Foods are stored, prepared and served in a safe manner and,
  • Facilities comply with public health legislation and standards in Alberta.
If public health inspectors find violations or unsafe practices, they will require restaurant owners/operators to correct the problems. The violations and corrections are recorded in an inspection report. Inspectors return to facilities for re-inspections to manage the risk and to ensure the violations have been fixed.

This website provides inspection reports for restaurants and food stores. For each facility you will see:
  • Every inspection completed by the public health inspector. There are 4 types of inspections:
    Initial / Approval - an inspection performed before a restaurant opens or if there is a new owner to determine if the facility will be able to prepare food safely and complies with applicable legislation.
    Monitoring / Routine - an inspection performed without notice to ensure food is being handled safely and complies with applicable legislation. Restaurants usually have 1 to 3 monitoring inspections per year.
    Risk Management / Re-inspection - an inspection performed to ensure that unsafe practices and violations noted in previous inspections have been corrected.
    Demand / Complaint - an inspection performed to follow up on complaints from the public or another agency alleging an unsafe condition or violation.
  • The 5 most recent inspection reports. There may be fewer than 5 inspection reports if the food facility is new or has recently changed ownership.
  • A list of unsafe practices or violations noted during the inspection. Safe practices are not listed. Please note that the inspection report only lists violations that the public health inspector sees during that inspection. Violations and unsafe practices should be posted on this website within 5 business days. Unforeseen circumstances may delay the posting process in some cases.
If a facility creates or maintains an unsafe condition, practice, or other violation, AHS may order the facility to be closed until the problems are fixed. Closure orders are NOT listed on this website, but can be found at:

Although every effort is made to keep all information up-to-date and accurate, AHS is not responsible for any discrepancies between inspection findings displayed on the website and the original food inspection reports. AHS shall not be held liable for any losses or damages for the use of the information within this website or information accessed through this website.

If you have any questions about a particular food service establishment or if there is a food service establishment not listed on our web site, please contact us:

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