Information About Posted Restaurant Inspections
Calgary and Area

The restaurant inspection database, for the Calgary and area zone of Alberta Health Services, was created under direction of the Alberta Minister of Health. The database allows the general public to search a restaurant's most recent health inspection reports in order to make better informed decisions about where to eat. Restaurant health inspections, of the type listed below and conducted after January 1, 2008 will be included in the database. The information posted on the Alberta Health Services website regarding inspections of food facilities in the Calgary and area zone is valid only for the time of inspection. Although every effort is made to have new inspections posted within 72 hours, unforeseen circumstances may delay the posting process. If a facility exceeds the maximum acceptable level of risk for continued operation or if the operator fails to correct or eliminate the hazards identified, the Public Health Inspector as an Executive Officer has the discretion to order the facility closed.

Types of Inspections:

Initial / Approval - an inspection of a facility performed prior to its opening to determine if the facility is in a condition capable of being operated in compliance with applicable legislation.

Monitoring / Routine - an inspection of a facility performed at relatively consistent intervals and intended to determine compliance with applicable regulatory requirements.

Follow-up / Re-inspection - an inspection of a facility performed to determine if non-compliant conditions noted on a previous inspection have been corrected.

Demand / Complaint - an inspection of a facility performed in response to a complaint received from the public or another agency alleging the existence of a non-compliant condition or a nuisance condition.

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